The Survivor

Humans, when time comes, they can be the most dangerous of all other species around there. But laws of nature has govern us, made us capable of doing something. We are bound by our limitation or else something unexpected happens that we cannot control. It is clear that nature governs us and teaches us a … Continue reading The Survivor

It’s only the trust that binds us, rules that creates us, and the love connects us and makes us a human, without these we are the most dangerous animals. Continue reading

You aren’t the most precious, your soul is, protect it!Time isn’t perfect, you need to maintain it.Situation isn’t always right, solve it!You can’t always be right, understand it!Gradually work on your craft, don’t overload it.Create a beauty, don’t ask for it! Continue reading

There he goes

There he goes, with full of faiths and hopes. He still doesn’t know, the world full of hoes. Loving he does, kindness is the only thing he knows! With the trust and hopes, the life he had bear, tears, he wasted, still he doesn’t know what the world wants from him! Happiness he delivers, sadness … Continue reading There he goes

Gone those days…

Gone those days filled with miracles,  Time is still waiting for the survival.  Gone those days where people used to serve you well. Now it’s time to build your own castle, World has come up with an opportunity, and has left us free to choose, but only the people are afraid of is loosing, and … Continue reading Gone those days…

Yet theirs a dream that everyone sees, but only few desires to achieve. Its the society that makes the decision of your dreams if you aren’t strong enough to prove it! Their lies a faith in everything but that ain’t real unless your struggle proves it. Today you help one, tomorrow Karma will help you … Continue reading

Live your Dreams!!

The man who beholds the power of nature and surpasses the true gods’ will. He who loves the kindness of the others, he who loves the happiness of the beholders. The man who loves to stay night bearing the truth and passing the lives in front of any danger. He who loves the game of … Continue reading Live your Dreams!!